Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Stalin would be proud.

The Maryland Supreme court is currently hearing a case challenging the eminent domain policies of Baltimore. Baltimore has instituted rules known as quick-take. These rules make it easier for the government to seize land for “economic development”.

The theory is that “economic development” is done for the public good in the same way that seizing a house to build a road or army base. A town makes a plan to have a mall and lines up the developers and then there is one pesky home in the way which they can then seize. Baltimore’s quick-take rule applies this same idea but without the plan. They can circle a portion of the city, seize the property without a hearing, demolish it all, and then market it to developers.

City officials are worried that their plans may fail if they don’t have the ability to seize anyone’s property at any time. I agree. I think that the constitution has got in the way of centrals planers good ideas for way too long. The courts should wake up and see that planners are so smart and that these dirty rotten low lives that will not bend to our power have no business living on property that could possibly used for the greater good of society. One day we will live under a caring righteous government that will clear the dregs of society. Uncle Joe we miss you!

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Me said...

I can't believe that you agree! Tearing down homes in the hope that a mini-mall will be built is insane. This is not helping the public good, it is helping the city make money by selling the land for a profit.