Friday, January 5, 2007

Mail Fraud

Now the executive office can open mail in “extreme circumstances”. A new postal reform bill signed into law on December 20th by President Bush has now expanded the governments search powers. The bill allows the executive to open mail domestic mail in “exigent circumstances”.

This is dangerous. An exigent circumstance is a situation where there is no time for a law enforcement official to obtain a warrant before damage is done. This is normally referred to as the “ticking time bomb” scenario. For instance, a policeman chasing an armed suspect into a building can enter without a warrant because of the imminent threat of danger.

How the hell could a private letter rise to that level of danger? If Osama Bin Laden was somehow in California and tried to mail a letter to an associate in New York to blow up a building the post office can delay delivery, giving law enforcement plenty of time to receive a warrant.

This was a very quite law that I can only hope is exposed and rescinded.

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