Monday, January 8, 2007

Public Financing of Campaigns

I found myself conflicted reading Zachary Roth's article in the Washington Monthly. I am happy that Mr. Roth told the truth. Public financing isn’t about a “level playing field” it is about winning seats for Democrats. His honesty is to be applauded. But, to know that the left may move past silly visions of government sponsored “fairness” and “equality” to Stalinist domination is a scary notion. He thinks that the liberal agenda will never be accomplished if liberal Democrats can’t win large majorities and they won’t win as long as they can’t out raise Republicans. By crushing the Republican opposition Democrats will finally be able to create a dominant government that can control people who are obviously not smart enough to make decisions on their own.

In a Democratic society people have power over government because they can change their government. In a market system people control elites because they are beholden to the whims of the consumer. Liberals want to give power to the people by creating a stronger government and controlling the market system. Please someone explain this to me?

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