Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Massachusetts Power Exibition

As I have cited earlier, opposition to gay marriage is not opposed to a freedom agenda. Gay marriage is simply a contractual agreement between a man and a woman binding them together for the purpose of procreation. There is no reason to issue such licenses to gay couples and more importantly gay marriage is not illegal. Marriage amendments and laws simply define marriage which clarifies who may apply for one and is not hateful, nor discriminatory in any discernible way.

We may disagree on this point but where most Americans should find common ground is the shameful and nearly unconstitutional conduct of the Massachusetts legislature. The Massachusetts constitution is very clear about the constitutional amendment process.

1) Citizens collect the requisite number of signatures to petition the government.

2) The legislature votes up or down in two separate years.

3) After legislative approval the amendment is put to a vote by the public.

The legislature nearly failed to vote on the amendment simply because it did not strike their fancy. This should not be a surprise. The legislature has brazenly ignored citizen petitions regarding English immersion and tax cuts in the past so there was no reason they wouldn’t do it again. But this was different.

The constitution is the only real check on the power of the government. We trust that elected officials will stick to the guidelines that restrict their power through blind faith. After all, the constitution is only a piece of paper. Government has police, and a military while we have this mighty strong piece of paper and maybe a few quill pens in our holster. Pushing the Massachusetts constitution aside leaves us simply with our trusty quills. This no longer has anything to do with relationships; it is about a legislature, with an incoming executive, that things their ideals of “fairness” override any silly restrictions on their power

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