Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Lesson in Poverty Reduction

At its current pace, China will become the poster child for economic freedom instead of Democratic designs on making it a political piñata. China’s continued progress towards open markets will do more to lift people out of poverty than all of the anti-poverty government programs from every country in the world combined.

Pulling rural Chinese out of grinding poverty will also increase worldwide prosperity. Producers in America and around the world will soon reap the benefits of a free Chinese consumer.

"At the moment, China's consumer economy is about the size of Italy's, but in two years' time it is going to start adding an Italy every year” (Peter Ford)

The large numbers of Chinese entering the middle class will be able to buy American made products which will increase our overall prosperity, thereby killing the Lou Dobbs isolationist idiocy that rules demagogic circles.

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