Friday, June 1, 2007

Words to live by

"Any bill that is 380 pages long is bound to have nooks and crannies reflecting private deals, quiet paybacks and ad hoc arrangements that you often don't learn about until it's too late."



BillT said...

Krauthammer's been consistently well thought and correct on this issue. Check out the "Social Security Electronic Verification System" bit in this bill and you will see the current senate inviting future senates to pass a national ID law.

Matt said...

Yes that is a definite possibility. I wrote about a national ID coming from this bill in a previous post.

"this database may be the precursor to a national ID. There may be a time when every citizen has an ID with a chip that contains all of their personal information (the military already does). If that day does come we can look back to the immigration reform of 2007 to find the origin."