Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Sports News

Gary Sheffield's comments yesterday were at best uncalled for and at worst racist. If you missed it, Sheffield said that Hispanics have taken over as the largest minority group in MLB because they are essentially push-overs. He claims that "his people" are athletically superior to "them" and that "they" are only being signed because they can be "controlled".

Sheffield insinuates that the control factor is money but also alluded to other personal behavior. He claims that "his people" must be spoken to as "men".

This is some of the kookiest stuff I've heard coming from a professional athlete in a while (and they say some stupid stuff). It sounds to me that he (and some of his friends) are on the decline and instead prefers to use race as an excuse. This is shameful. As with all athletes, he should stick to swinging bats and keep the social commentary to himself.

Under appreciated?

Asante Samuel has decided to skip mini-camp, training camp, and the first 10 games of the season because he is "under appreciated". Although I normally defend players requesting large contracts, this one is laughable. What is the offer that conveys "under appreciation"? $7.75 million!

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