Friday, June 1, 2007

Libby Trial Out of Control

The special prosecutor investigating the Plame leak case is now asking for a 30 month sentence for Scooter Libby. How silly is that? Libby's only crime was a white lie to investigators. Had he thrown them off the scent of a murderer or rapist then 30 months would be acceptable. The fact is that he lied to protect somebody that wasn't guilty.

What this really looks like is a prosecutor attempting to justify 3 1/2 years of investigating a non-crime.

A second issues that gets to me is the medias coverage of the trial. They have covered it to death when nobody outside of the DC beltway or subscribers cares. Even now that the moveon crowd can't get to their real prize (either Cheney or Rove) they only nod their head in approval that a Bushie will go to jail instead of jump up and down in jubilation.

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