Thursday, January 3, 2008

Iowa Predictions

I have been away for the holidays but I must put in my picks before its too late.

1. Romney
2. Huckabee
3. Paul
4. McCain
5. Thompson
6. Rudy who?

1. Hilary
2. Obama
3. Edwards

Having Ron Paul in the third spot is more than wishful thinking. In multiple polls he has double digit support among likely caucus goers in Iowa. A double digit number for Ron Paul is a much larger statement than any of the other candidates. If you say your for Ron Paul your not saying it because you kinda-sorta like him. You say it because you are solidly in his corner. That isn't true of the others.

On the Democratic side I am predicting Hillary because the candidates who do not have enough caucus supporters at any given polling station will lose them to the front runner: Hillary. I thought twice about predicting this because Kucinich has instructed his supporters to support Obama when they are outnumbered, but the remainder should go to Hillary.

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