Thursday, December 28, 2006

Sowell 08

Thomas Sowell’s article in National Review today is wonderful. I was simply going to quote it but almost every line is quotable. My final decision is to just take the top three and link the article.

Progressives are in the business of complaining and denouncing — as a prelude to seeking sweeping powers to control other people’s lives, in the name of curing the ills of society.

“Progressives” in the media and among academics and intellectuals claim to be interested in ending poverty but the production of more output is the only way to end poverty for millions of people.

The real obsession of the Left is in gaining power or, at the very least, engaging in moral exhibitionism

Honorable Mention:

Except for people who can’t work or won’t work, there is very little real poverty in the United States today, except among people who come from poverty-stricken countries and bring their poverty with them.

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