Monday, October 22, 2007

Some Common Sense On Iran

For some time I have been frustrated over the inevitable war coming with Iran. The administration has made it abundantly clear that Iran is the center of all the worlds ills. This should come as no surprise. Along with being a convenient diversion from the failures in Iraq, it is a great way to coalesce the American people against a common enemy. It worked wonderfully for so many years so why abandon the formula?

The only problem is that it is divorced from reality. Fareed Zakaria tosses a dash of common sense over the issue below...

Here is the reality. Iran has an economy the size of Finland's and an annual defense budget of around $4.8 billion. It has not invaded a country since the late 18th century. The United States has a GDP that is 68 times larger and defense expenditures that are 110 times greater. Israel and every Arab country (except Syria and Iraq) are quietly or actively allied against Iran. And yet we are to believe that Tehran is about to overturn the international system and replace it with an Islamo-fascist order? What planet are we on?

The only advice i can give is to hold onto your oil stocks and wait for the war.

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sharilee said...

I met Colonel David Hunt, military commentator on Fox News, the other night. A few years ago he said that North Korea is our biggest threat. Given all that's been going on in the Middle East the last few years, I thought I'd ask him if his opinion has changed. So I asked, "Which is our biggest threat now, North Korea or Iran?" He paused and then said, North Korea.