Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Thank you Willard Romney

Thank you for opening the door Willard. The door to universal health care. Now Hillary can deflect charges of socialistic medicine by pointing to Willard, a "conservative" Republican. What is the proper retort to that? I can't think of one. Many "conservatives" had few reservations because the Marx-Guevara Provide Everything For Everybody, Especially Women, Children, Elderly, Hobbits, and Lepers Act of 2006 (you may know it as Romneycare) was endorsed by Heritage. Their excuse now is that the darn liberal Democrats changed everything. They did tinker with the bill (including tax issues) but the essence was unchanged.

Willard has done more than open the door. He has has provided a blueprint. Hillary's plan (here) is very similar. I'm sure that it is a TERRIBLE idea now that Hillary is onboard the Millard cool aide train. If I am correct that she is sailing towards the next presidency (and i see no evidence to the contrary) we can expect to hear Willard's name being used to justify her plan.

Thank You Willard.


BillT said...

Wow. That's as angry a post as I've seen from you. I don't know who began using the oxymoron "big government conservative," but they must have felt a sense of irony in using it.

I like a big military in times of crisis (like now), but I agree that we can't create something federal to care for everyone. That's what communities are for, or so I was taught.

Matt said...

I am angry because Romney did it simply for his personal political gain. Now everyone will suffer.

BillT said...

I need to read up on it. It does sound excessively socialist, though.