Wednesday, May 30, 2007


The Eco-socialists in Europe are catching up with the United States. That may sound odd, but it is true. While the U.S. may not have a thriving green/socialist party, it does have green/socialist policies.

Chief among them are farm subsidies for bio-fuels. These subsidies accomplish two goals. First, it (in their minds) is a boon for the environment. They think that the extraction and use of carbon based fuels is "raping" the earth, yada yada. Secondly, they want to control the free market to create a better outcome. They mistakenly think that bureaucrats can create a society that is based on some fuzzy ideals of social justice.

According to the NYT, farmers in Europe are only now growing bio-fuel crops. They are replacing wheat and barley with rapeseed. Anyone with the slightest ability to think logically would immediately know that items made with wheat and barley would become more expensive. The main two products being pasta and (most unfortunately) beer.

The Eco-socialists are hurting the poorest people in the world the hardest. No bourgeoisie will suffer. Although I couldn't possibly understand the Eco-socialists, I will venture a guess. While the poor might suffer in the short run, the long run goal is to also control the means of producing food. Maybe they think that subsidies will lead to greater control (which they are probably correct about). Either way we will all lose.

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