Friday, February 23, 2007

Environmental Debate

“Make no mistake, the issue of environmental conservation sits squarely on the battle line between government and liberty.”

Governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina wrote an opinion piece for the Washington Post that expressed exactly how I feel about the environment issue.

There is no doubt that there is a problem. Human actions have had a measurable effect on the planet. I see no need to continue this debate. Those who deny climate change seem ignorant when confronted with solid scientific facts. The real question: how bad is the problem and what should we do about it?

This is where Al Gore and his minions go off the deep end. Their arguments are equivalent to saying a paper cut will cause death from loss of blood, so therefore the solution must be to cut off the finger.

The Gorites are winning the debate because conservatives have been slow to respond with sensible solutions. Governor Sanford lays out a plan for confronting the barbarians. He argues that conservatives must frame the debate around principles of stewardship and personal responsibility.

Conservation is also compatible with economic growth. Oil companies are, and have been, pursuing alternative energy sources because it is in their best interest. Companies should be encouraged to utilized eco-friendly means of construction and operation. Cutting costs is more than compatible with the goals of corporate America.

The bottom line here is the Gorites want to control your life via the Environment. We must acknowledge that there is a problem and formulate solution compatible with personal freedom.

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